Now is the best time to protect your home. Black Friday Sale

Türklingeln und Überwachungskameras schenken.
Why is autumn the best time to equip your home with video surveillance?

There are many reasons to protect your home and your family. Especially now that the days are getting shorter and darkness is taking over, we are spending more time within our own four walls. It is all the more important that we feel safe in them.

More time at home also means we can spend more time adapting our home. This includes not only minor repairs and decoration, but also the development of a protection concept.

In our last blog posts we analyzed burglary numbers over the course of the year. It is clear that there are significantly more burglaries in the dark season. However, houses with video surveillance have significantly fewer attempted break-ins.

That's not the only reason to protect your home with surveillance products.
Now is also the best time to save.

Get big discounts on surveillance cameras and video doorbells. Save up to 27% on innovative security products.

The Weber Protect Black Friday Sale starts now. Don't hesitate and secure attractive discounts, for example on the wireless and app-controlled Apollo 2 surveillance camera.

Do you have any questions about our products or about video surveillance in general?
Our customer advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have:

Weber Protect customer service
Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Tel: +49 (0)30 318765100

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