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Claudius Weber


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European expansion is in full swing. New sales networks are being established, particularly in Germany's neighboring countries such as France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.

Thanks to intensive exchange with selected customers and product experts, many important adjustments were identified at the end of 2023, which further increase the customer benefit of our products. This resulted in, among other things, the completely newly developed Oculus Pro surveillance camera, which combines the wishes of our customers with innovative technology and advanced functions.

Our constantly growing team of developers in our development center in Berlin ensures that new products will be presented and existing products will be further improved in 2024.

So stay tuned and look forward to new products…


Our software engineers drive the development of our own software and hardware solutions. More and more products are being developed for the Weber Protect app. In 2023 alone, the Cardea 2 video doorbell, the ProV1 3rd Gen video doorbell and the Apollo 2 surveillance camera have been introduced.

Further security products are developed in consultation with our customers and adapted to the stated requirements.

Development of the Weber Protect app

In 2022, Weber Protect will release a specially developed app to control all new products.

With the help of the developers at the Adlershof Technology Park, an innovative and user-friendly app was created. It is the focus of all Weber Protect products.

European expansion

A new generation of the product range is introduced, with extensive improvements to the software and hardware. In addition, a new encryption technology will be introduced for all video-transmitting products.

After fully establishing itself in the Western European market, intensive business expansion followed in the eastern member states of the EU. At the end of 2021, Weber Protect is represented in 18 European countries.



The continued increase in the number of employees required the move to larger office space. The new company headquarters are still located in the Adlershof Technology Park in Berlin.

Increases are being made, particularly in the areas of hardware integration and software development. In addition, Weber Protect GmbH is establishing a Germany-wide network of service partners with various partner companies.

Change of name to a GmbH

The constant growth and the increasing number of employees led to the change of name to a GmbH.

At the same time, a competence center is being created in Berlin to manage international expansion within the entire European Union. The development of proprietary software solutions is also promoted in the competence center.

Adlershof Technology Park

Due to rapid growth and the high demand for technical and IT expertise, Weber Protect UG moved its office to the Adlershof Technology Park.

The important science and business location in Berlin promoted the expansion of our own software development.

Furthermore, Weber Protect established itself in stationary retail throughout the German-speaking region and as the preferred provider for many specialist companies.

Company foundation

The following year, Claudius and Julian Weber founded Weber Protect UG.

As a small start-up, the company managed to grow quickly and constantly expand the product range with new developments.

By the end of the year, Weber Protect UG offered an extensive range of innovative security products that complemented the video doorbell.


After the conception, a suitable video doorbell was developed in 2016. After an extensive search and complex selection process, suitable suppliers for the necessary components were found and innovative software was tailored to them.

This was the birth of the first Weber Protect doorbell.


Due to a serious illness, the grandfather of the future company founders Claudius and Julian Weber lost a large part of his mobility.

It was difficult for him to do everyday things like accepting food deliveries or receiving the daily nursing staff he needed. This was the incentive for the conception of a suitable solution, which resulted in the idea of ​​an innovative, user-friendly and cell phone-controlled doorbell.

High quality standards were just as important as the simple and intuitive use of the device.