November 9th – Inventor’s Day – innovations from Berlin

Sicherheit entwickelt in Berlin.

Today, November 9th, 'Inventor's Day' is celebrated in Germany.
Many innovations were designed by German developers and inventors over the centuries. While not all of them are still relevant today, some inventions are ubiquitous.

Berlin was already known back then as a city in which progress was being driven forward. Some of these inventions are still so ubiquitous today that life without them would be unthinkable. Here are some of these must-have inventions:

The first electric tram was inaugurated in the former Berlin district of Groß-Lichterfelde in 1881. At that time it was developed and built by the company Siemens & Halske, today's Siemens AG.

Konrad Zuse invented the first functional calculator in 1941, which represents the first functional computer. The original model, the Z1, is still on display today in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin.

Oskar Barnack invented the first 35mm camera in 1913. This enabled private individuals to own their own cameras. However, it was not until 1924 that this was the first 'Leica' camera to be produced in series. Although Oskar Barnack spent a long time in Berlin, his journey ended in Jena.

Otto Linienthal was another visionary from Berlin. He is one of the first pioneers of aviation. Although the actual invention of the first functioning flying machine is controversial, Otto Linienthal undertook the first test flights with his self-made 'gliding device' in the spring of 1891.

Many other innovations and inventions had their origins in Berlin. Berlin still shows an innovative face today. In Berlin alone, 1,303 new companies were founded in 2021 and 2022.

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