What do I have to legally observe when using video surveillance?

Gesetze rund um Videoüberwachung und Überwachungskameras

Video surveillance is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. Not only is the number of houses monitored by video constantly increasing, the range of surveillance cameras is also constantly growing. The question arises as to whether this is always allowed.

In general, the use of surveillance cameras is legal. Your own property may be protected by video surveillance. But not everything can always be recorded.

Only your own property may be recorded. Public areas such as sidewalks may not be covered by video surveillance. Therefore, in such situations it is important to choose a camera that can be flexibly aligned in any direction so that the detection range can be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, the personal rights of individuals must be taken into account. Strangers may be recorded on your property, but they must be informed in advance. This is why labeling is mandatory in Germany. Before a person enters a video-monitored area, the video surveillance must be signposted. A simple sign is sufficient for this.

The legal situation is somewhat different for apartment buildings. It is not always allowed to install a surveillance camera here. The other owners and residents must explicitly agree to video surveillance. In most cases, a simple majority is sufficient to obtain appropriate approval.

The legal situation with video doorbells is a little different. You can find out more about this in our next blog.

We have also summarized the exact legal basis and legislation for video surveillance in another blog. You can find this blog here:


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