Black Friday – origin and history

Black Friday Angebote von Weber Protect
Like every year, today is Black Friday again. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the year and offers many attractive discounts in retail and online stores. Nowadays, Black Friday is on everyone's lips and well known.

But where does Black Friday actually come from and what is the historical background of Black Friday?

Black Friday comes from the USA and traditionally heralds the start of the Christmas business. Black Friday always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving is a big family celebration in the USA where the whole family comes together.

Of course, this is also a good way to think about upcoming Christmas presents. Therefore, the following Friday, Black Friday, is traditionally used to go shopping with the family in order to get the Christmas presents under the tree in time. This is how Black Friday came about!

In the USA, the biggest discounts can be found in retail stores on Black Friday. Here in Germany the discounts are significantly larger and more widespread in online retail. This also makes sense because here in Germany Thanksgiving and the following Black Friday are not national holidays, but rather normal working days.

The first company that started offering discounts here in Germany in 2006 was Apple. Black Friday became popular relatively quickly, so that in 2013 over 500 retailers already offered discount campaigns. Black Friday is now so popular that over 3 billion euros in sales were generated over the Black Friday weekend in Germany alone.

We have also been taking part in the Black Friday discount campaign for several years and offer our customers attractive discounts on our entire range.

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