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Today, hardly a step in our everyday lives goes unnoticed.

Search engines, fitness trackers, online navigation, social media, online shopping – our personal data is collected everywhere. As users, we easily lose track of what data we have disclosed and where. We certainly can't understand what happens to our data. Companies collect personal data to better understand customer behavior. This allows companies to place more targeted advertising and thereby sell more products.

“I have nothing to hide” is a common argument when it comes to the somewhat careless handling of personal data. But is it really in our interest if companies collect data about our shopping habits, our political opinions, our vacation plans and health problems and pass them on to other companies without our consent?

The issue of protecting personal data is also an important issue in video doorbells. Most video doorbell manufacturers send the recorded data to external servers or to a cloud. The data is stored there for up to 60 days. Because some doorbell manufacturers belong to large corporations, there is a risk that your personal information will be misused for other purposes.

The topic of data security is of great importance to Weber Protect. After consulting with data protection experts, Weber Protect decided to take a different approach.

With the Weber Protect video doorbell, all recorded data is only saved on your smartphone or on a local storage medium (SD card). The data is never sent to an external server or stored in a cloud. You alone have access to your personal data.

With Weber Protect, your data stays in your hands!

To find out more about Weber Protect security products, click here:

Of course, our security experts are also available to help you. We would be happy to help you determine your personal security needs.

You can reach us at:

Weber Protect customer service

Tel: 030 318765100
Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

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