Safety in spring

Sicherheit im Frühling

Of course, in spring, people spend more time outdoors, whether in the garden, on the terrace or walking around the neighbourhood. This often means that they are not always at home to respond to potential dangers or unexpected visitors. In this respect, Weber Protect video doorbells and surveillance cameras with mobile phone control offer a valuable solution to ensure security even when you are not physically at home:

Real-time monitoring: Since we are outside more often in the spring, you can access live video feeds via the mobile control at any time to see what is happening outside your door. This is especially important if you are working in the garden, relaxing on the patio or just taking a walk and still want to keep an eye on your home. This way you won't miss a package even when you are out for a walk and you will always know who is on your property.

Motion detection and notifications: As outdoor activities increase, motion sensors on Weber Protect devices can provide early warning of potential dangers or unwanted visitors. With mobile phone control, users receive instant notifications so they can respond quickly, even when they're not home.

Two-way communication: Two-way audio allows users to communicate with people outside their door directly from their phone. For example, if they're outside gardening and a package is delivered, they can give instructions to the delivery person or interact with visitors without leaving the house.

Record and store videos: With people out and about more often in the spring, the ability to access recorded videos on their phones provides an additional layer of security. If they notice suspicious activity outside their door, for example, they can review the recordings and take action to protect their property if necessary.

Overall, Weber Protect Video doorbells and security cameras with cell phone control offer a reassuring security solution for those who spend more time outdoors during the spring and may not always be home. The ability to monitor and protect their home anytime, anywhere gives users an extra sense of security and provides them with the peace of mind that their home is protected even when they are not physically present.

The security experts at Weber Protect will be happy to help you analyze your individual security needs. A holistic security concept does not have to be very expensive. You do not need to hire expensive tradesmen for Weber Protect's security products. You can install and configure all products yourself.

Our range of security products offers everything you need to protect your home. Our video surveillance products protect your home from the front door to the garden.

Please visit our website or contact our customer service for individual advice:

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Because: Only those who ensure safety are safe!

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