Health hazard from carbon monoxide!

Kohlenmonoxid CO Melder
The cold season is here, and the safety experts at Weber Protect are once again focusing on one topic - the dangers of carbon monoxide.
The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is particularly high in autumn and winter! With the start of the heating season, cases of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning are increasing dramatically again. Hardly a day goes by without reports in the press about deaths due to elevated carbon monoxide concentrations.
There are sources of danger in every household! Open fireplaces, tiled stoves, blocked exhaust pipes or chimneys, defective gas boilers or oil heaters can become a deadly trap. Experts have also found that carbon monoxide can penetrate the ceilings and walls of an apartment or house. It diffuses through all common building materials. This means that an increased carbon monoxide concentration can occur even away from a source of danger.
Even if carbon monoxide poisoning with fatal consequences is particularly dramatic, the health risk caused by milder carbon monoxide poisoning should not be underestimated. According to risk assessment experts, health-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning is much more common than expected. Because of the diffuse symptoms such as headaches, impaired vision and concentration, numbness, nausea and fatigue, carbon monoxide poisoning is often not recognized or only recognized much too late.
The long-term consequences are fatal!
10% of patients suffer a heart attack within a few years. 1/3 of moderately to severely poisoned people suffer from cardiac dysfunction. In addition, psychoses, paralysis and Parkinson's disease occur more frequently.
There is only one way to reliably protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning!
Fire departments, rescue services and chimney sweeps strongly recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors in every apartment and house. CO detectors should be installed in all bedrooms, but also in the living area and hallways. It also makes sense to install a CO detector in the basement, garage, closed garden shed and, if necessary, in the mobile home.
Protect yourself and your family!
Install enough CO detectors!
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