A doorbell with a camera ensures more security in the dark season.

Eine Türklingel mit Kamera sorgt für mehr Sicherheit in der dunklen Jahreszeit.

Using a video doorbell can significantly contribute to security during the dark season. Here are some ways a video doorbell can provide increased security during this time:

Better visibility in the dark: The Weber Protect video doorbells have night vision functions. This means the camera can capture clear images even in low light or darkness. This ensures that you can clearly see who is outside your door at all times, even in poor lighting conditions.

Deterring Burglars: The mere existence of a video doorbell can deter potential burglars. The knowledge that their actions are being recorded creates an additional inhibition threshold. In the dark season, when break-ins can occur more frequently, video surveillance offers additional protection.

Remote monitoring: With a video doorbell connected to the Weber Protect app, you can access live video anytime, anywhere. So if you come home in the dark or leave the house in the early hours of the morning, you can check in advance who is outside the door. This provides an additional level of security and control over your home.

Incident recording: Weber Protect video doorbells offer the ability to save recorded videos to a micro SD card for free. This can be extremely useful when untoward incidents occur, such as suspicious behavior near your home. The recordings can serve as evidence and help identify those responsible.

Two-way communication: A video doorbell with two-way communication makes it possible to talk to people at the door without having to physically open it. This is particularly beneficial in the dark when you are unsure about who is outside your door. You can ask questions, share information or request help in an emergency without opening the door.

Overall, a video doorbell offers an effective way to increase security around your home and detect potential dangers early on during the dark season.

The security experts at Weber Protect will be happy to help you analyze your individual security needs. A holistic security concept does not have to be associated with large costs. You don't have to hire expensive tradesmen to use Weber Protect's security products. You can install and configure all products yourself.

Our range of security products offers everything you need to protect your home. Our video surveillance products protect your home from the front door to the garden.

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