Battery surveillance camera - A good idea

Akku Überwachungskamera - Welche Vorteile bietet diese?

There are several reasons why the Apollo 2 from Weber Protect might be a good one for you. The Apollo 2 might be ideal for you because of the following reasons:

Wireless Flexibility:
The Apollo 2 surveillance camera offers the advantage of being wireless, which greatly simplifies the installation and positioning of the camera. You can place the camera in different locations without having to worry about power cables.

Easy installation:
Since no cabling is required and the Weber Protect app is particularly intuitive, installation is particularly easy. This means anyone can get the camera up and running in no time, and you save a lot of money on assembly and installation.

You can see how easy the installation is in this short video:

Energy efficiency:
State-of-the-art battery technology allows Apollo 2 to operate for up to 180 days without recharging. This is particularly useful if you want to install the camera in a location where access to power is limited. Thanks to the compatible solar panel, the battery life can be extended indefinitely. In addition, the battery can be removed, charged separately and replaced with a replacement battery, for example. This ensures non-stop operation.

Smart features:

The Apollo 2 offers advanced features such as AI-assisted person recognition. In addition, the camera automatically records videos and saves a still image whenever you move. In addition, you will be notified of any events on your cell phones. You can access the video in real time and even communicate with people in front of the camera using the intercom function. This means you can keep an eye on your home at all times.

Weather resistance:
The Apollo 2 is designed for outdoor use and offers protection from the elements, which is important when operating the camera outdoors year-round.

Mobile app integration:
The ability to control the camera via the Weber Protect app and access the recorded data makes monitoring more flexible and convenient.

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