The perfect combination: video doorbell and surveillance camera

Die perfekte Kombination: Video-Türklingel und Überwachungskamera

In this day and age where home security is becoming increasingly important, video doorbells and security cameras have become essential parts of a comprehensive security system. But why are these two devices so powerful together? Let's take a closer look.

1. Surveillance begins at the front door and extends beyond the property.

The video doorbell serves as the first line of defense by detecting visitors before they enter the home. But security doesn't stop at the front door. Surveillance must extend across the entire property to ensure complete coverage and detect potential intruders early.

2. Detection of visitors and uninvited guests.

Both expected visitors and uninvited guests are recorded by a combination of video doorbell and surveillance camera. While the doorbell detects visitors at the front door, the camera monitors the property to detect unwanted intruders.

3. Different monitoring requirements.

Monitoring the front door requires a different approach than monitoring the entire property. This is not only due to the different requirements, but also due to the different viewing angles that the different devices offer. A video doorbell focuses on the immediate area right outside the front door, as visitors are usually very close. A security camera usually monitors a larger area, but is placed higher and further away. The focus is more on clear video resolution without distortion.

4. Central control via the Weber Protect app.

The integration of the video doorbell and surveillance camera into the Weber Protect app enables simple and convenient control of all devices. This means that every area, from the front door to the garage and garden, can be optimally monitored.

5. Location management for device sharing.

The location management feature allows users to share any or all devices with their family members. This allows the entire family to access the security measures and respond when needed, creating a sense of security and shared commitment to protecting the home.

Overall, video doorbells and security cameras complement each other perfectly to provide a comprehensive home security solution. From the front door to the farthest corner of the property, these devices provide unparalleled security and peace of mind for homeowners and their families.

Our range of security products offers everything you need to protect your home. Our video surveillance products protect your home from the front door to the garden.

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