The perfect combination: video doorbell with a surveillance camera

Die perfekte Kombination: Video Türklingel mit einer Überwachungskamera

A smart home not only offers convenience, but also security. One of the best ways to increase this security is to integrate a security camera with your video doorbell. This not only gives you the opportunity to see and communicate with visitors, but also allows you to keep an eye on your home 24/7. In this blog post you will learn how you can optimally complement your video doorbell with a surveillance camera.

1. Unified control via an app

Before you begin the integration, it is important to ensure that the video doorbell and security camera fit together perfectly. Pay attention to power supply, viewing angles and local conditions to ensure smooth collaboration.

2. Strategically plan the placement of the surveillance camera

The positioning of the surveillance camera in relation to the video doorbell is crucial for effective surveillance of your home. Here are some tips for strategic placement:

  • Entryway in focus: Place the camera so that it has a clear view of the entryway of your home. This allows you to identify visitors early and increase security. Make sure that the video from the video doorbell does not overlap too much with the video from the surveillance camera.

  • Cover important access routes: Make sure the security camera also covers other important areas of your property, such as access routes to patios, gardens or side entrances. The surveillance camera should particularly cover areas that are not captured by the video doorbell.

  • Consider height and viewing angle: Mount the camera at an appropriate height to ensure a clear view of faces and activities. The optimal viewing angle should be chosen to capture important details without overlooking unnecessary areas.

  • Minimize visual obstructions: Make sure that the camera is not obstructed by plants, fences or other obstacles. The surveillance camera should cover all blind spots of the video doorbell. Because a clear line of sight is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of surveillance.

3. Set up smart notifications

Configure smart notifications to be notified of important events. This could be detecting movement on your property or the doorbell ringing. By fine-tuning these notifications, you can ensure that you are only notified of relevant events without being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications.

4. Never miss a visitor again

With a surveillance camera, you always know who is or has been on your property. In particularly urgent events, such as the postman, the necessary urgency is often not conveyed. By adding a video doorbell, you will receive a doorbell call when the doorbell is pressed, so that you are immediately and clearly notified of a visitor.

Conclusion: More security through the right combination

Combining a video doorbell with a surveillance camera not only offers additional convenience, but also strengthens the security of your home. With the right combination of devices, unified control via app, strategic placement of surveillance cameras and intelligent notifications, you can take your smart home to a new level of security. Invest in the right technology and enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive home monitoring solution.

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